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About Us

Desi and Tia

Desi – Canine Behaviour Consultant
Desi was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland. Her family got their first dog, a St. Bernard named Simba when Desi was 7 years old. However, it wasn’t until Desi started volunteering at animal shelters that she discovered her passion for caring for dogs that were abandoned or unwanted, mostly due to behaviour challenges.
Desi earned a Business Certificate when graduating from the School of Commerce of Bern and shortly after, in 2005, temporarily moved to Canada and spent the next 6 years traveling back and forth between the 2 countries. She decided to adopt a dog when she finally made a permanent move to Squamish in 2011 and ended up with a foster-fail named Tia, who at the time was deemed non-adoptable. Desi wanted to better understand how she could help Tia and enrolled in a Canine Behaviour Modification and Training program. Unlike most courses that are taken online, Desi earned her certificate by apprenticing for several years. The training methods and philosophy Desi applies in order to rehabilitate misunderstood dogs and re-educate frustrated owners, are based on dog psychology, establishment of strong leadership, proper communication and bond building between dog and handler. Tia, who transformed into a social butterfly and gentle soul, has been Desi's sidekick throughout these 10 years of helping countless dogs overcoming their own challenges.

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